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JINBEI - 400w Double Flash Softbox Kit

Our Jinbei Delicacy II 200w Twin Head Flash Lighting Kit is a quality softbox flash light setup but at a budget price

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The 400w Delicacy studio flash kit is the perfect entry level flash set-up for amateur photographers. The two flash heads, support stands and soft boxes give you a versatile set-up for a range of photographic lighting needs. This kit can also provide extra support for a existing lighting set-up. JinBei are a leading Chinese manufacturer of photography lighting equipment, so you can be confident you will receive a kit of high quality and reliability.

The set up includes 2 x 200w Jinbei Delicacy II flash heads, which are compact and easy to operate and provide enough power for indoor shooting in a small to medium sized space. The professional accessories are suitable for shooting products/children/portraits/family party as well as many more.

The Delicacy II 200w flash heads power can be turned down by 1/32 of its rated power giving you lots of control over the light output, a 50w modelling bulb, high heat resistance for continuous shooting and with a recycling time of less than 2 seconds it will allow you to shoot comfortably in a home or indoor setting and achieve high quality results. The flash heads also come equipped with user changeable, high quality German Heimann flash tubes which ensure long life and consistent colour temperature.

The 1.9m sturdy light stands give your flash heads support, allowing you to direct your flash where you need it. Set your stands up in seconds and once finished they fold away into a compact space. The two 50x70cm softboxes allow you to soften the light from the flash heads, perfect for portrait or product photography.

Please note that the DII-250w head comes with a purpose built mounting ring to fit the softbox and ocotbox, it can't be used with other softboxes such as Bowens / Elinchrom.




Key Features

  • 2 x Delicacy II 200w Flash Heads - 1/32 Power Regulation - Less thatn 2 second Recycling Time - Stable Flash Output - Compact & Lightweight
  • 2 x High Quality German Heimanns Flash Tubes - Ensure Long Life and True Colour Temperature
  • 2 x 50x70cm Softboxes - 360 Degree Rotateable Flash Mount - Professionally Grained Reflective Surfaces - High Grade Fabric Diffusers Ensure Even Soft Light & Standard Colour Temperature
  • 2 x Jinbei EQ 190cm Stands - Durable aluminium Construction - Compact & Lightweight
  • 2 x 50w Modelling Lamps


  • 2 x Jinbei Destiny 200w Studio Flash Heads
  • 2 x Jinbei 200w Flash Tubes
  • 2 x 50w Modelling Lamps
  • 2 x 50x70cm Softbox
  • 2 x EQ190 Stands



1 Year Warranty

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