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Foldable Umbrella Octobox | 120cm & Grid | Bowens

A large 120cm Easy Open Octobox featuring two layers of diffusion and a material honeycomb grid. A large soft light source with a round shape for natural light dispersion and a pleasing catch light.

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The PhotoGeeks 120cm diameter umbrella softbox is a large octagonal light shaper for your flash equipment. The shape gives off a natural dispersion of light and a pleasing round catch light. It has two layers of diffusion for a soft light that is further increased by the large 120cm diameter, giving you the ultimate in soft wrap around light, you will notice the smooth blend from shadow to highlight in your images, even when using at a distance from your subject. It features a Bowens mount and can be connected to any Bowens standard fit flash or adapters.

It is easily set-up taking only a couple of seconds; it opens up like an umbrella and locks into position. A great choice for anyone who wants a quick and stress free set-up. The octobox folds down and comes with a carry bag, excellent for travelling with or as a storage option.

A honeycomb grid is included with the softbox for extra directional control of the light and tighter control of the light spill, useful for lighting a subject and limiting light spill onto your background.


  • Simple Pop Open Design for Stress Free and Simple Set-ups
  • Silver Reflective Surface
  • Two Layers of Diffusion & Honeycomb Grid for Light Spill Control
  • Durable Aluminium Construction
  • Bowens S-type Fit
  • Diameter 120cm




  1. New Best Friend   Posted by Chris Rogers on 27th Oct 2018

    This modifier is indeed very well made, and whilst only time can tell, I feel certain it will give me years of service. More that I can sat about a lot of flash modifiers, particularly low-priced umbrellas, which I'm beginning to think are a disposable item!

    Traditional Octobox’s are usually quite shallow resembling the shape of a conventional umbrella. The LuxLite umbrella Octobox by comparison is far deeper, about halfway toward the now very fashionable (and costly) Parabolic Softbox.
    Octoboxes are well known for the big soft light they produce. Whereas parabolic ‘s tend to be a narrower, slightly more contrasty light. This umbrella Octobox is, as you might expect between the two and by changing its position can just about achieve the qualities both.

    Initial tests with a Bowens Gemini 500 showed that this modifier produces a remarkably even light across its entire surface, not what you get from a lot of other flash modifiers! When I eventually got to use the LuxLite umbrella Octobox for real the performance was everything that I’d hope for, a controlled even light source that was quite flattering. Add the grid and it transformed into exactly what I had hoped for, a tight very well controlled light source.

    I don’t have a studio so my lighting equipment is always traveling. Therefore, I like to take a minimum, but every item has to be versatile and fill a multitude of uses. I suspect that the LuxLite umbrella Octobox will rapidly become a well-travelled favourite.