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Conical Snoot Set | Long | Bowens | Grid & Gels | Photography Studio Flash Strobe

A long concial snoot with a 10cm Bowens fit, narrowing the light from the flash allowing you to light very specific areas in your photography shoots.

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This long length conical snoot has a Bowens fit with a diameter of 100mm, a 60mm diameter out light and a 230mm length turning the light from the flash into a narrow beam and letting you light specific areas, this long snoot will give you a narrower beam of light than the shorter snoots. A conical snoot is particularly useful for highlighting the hair on a model and for highlighting a background. It is a useful tool with many uses in a photography studio and can be used to create atmospheric and moody effects. The snoot comes equipped with a honeycomb grid for further focusing the light and four coloured gels red, yellow, blue and green.



  • Snoot Directs a Beam of Light from the Flash into a Specific Area
  • 10cm Bowens Fit
  • 230mm Length and 60mm Diameter Out Hole
  • Includes Honeycomb Grid and Gels. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green


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