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Product Photography Tutorial Part Three: Photo Editing

In last weeks tutorial I took you through the steps on how to set up your lighting tent studio kit and take your first photos of your products. This week I will be showing you how to edit your photos and correct any issues that may have arisen.First of all you will need an image [...]

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Product Photography Tutorial Part Two: Taking your first product photo for Ebay

In last weeks tutorial we gave you some tips on getting the right hardware for your first product photography shoot.This week we will be looking at setting up your studio and taking your first photos. This step-by-step guide is aimed at the beginner looking to take their Ebay or E-Commerce product photos to the next [...]

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Product Photography Tutorial Part One: Camera Setup & Choosing a Studio

Over the coming weeks, PhotoGeeks will be presenting a 4-part product photography tutorial aimed at beginners who are looking to set up their first studio. The series will cover choosing the right hardware, setting up a studio and finally editing your photos.Part One: Camera Setup & Choosing The Right StudioWhen it comes to selling online [...]

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Product Photography: Tips for Better Photos

So you're looking to get started with product photography? Whether you're looking to photograph items for Ebay, your shop or just for fun, we have a great selection of top tips to help you get the very best images. 1)  Know Your CameraWith so many camera options on the market today, its important to know what [...]

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