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3 x Large Reflector LED 60cm Light Tent Set | 3 x 50w LED Bulbs

A three direct lighting kit from PhotoGeeks, it includes three large reflective lights, three stands, three powerful 50w LED light bulbs and a 60cm Light Diffusing Tent.

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Three Large Reflector LED Lighting & Light Tent Kit

This is a new PhotoGeeks LED lighting set that includes three large light directing reflectors with E27 screw light fittings, three 2m support stands and three powerful 50w LED light bulbs. A 60cm light tent is included and gives your chosen subject a background as well as providing a very soft lighting environment inside that is perfect for the photography of still life items and for commercial, product shots for online retail.

Powerful and Accurate New LED Light Bulbs & Light Tent Provides Two Layers of Diffusion for a Very Soft Light

The 3 x 50w Bulbs (each with a Lumen ouput of 4000) can be directed using 3 large reflectors. The bulbs have a colour temperature of 5400k which is the same as a sunny day in the UK or Europe. The bulbs have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI or Ra) of 87/88. The 60cm Light Cube gently diffuses the light from the LED bulbs, illuminating your subjects evenly and removing any harsh shadows. The Tent is made from a quality translucent fabric specifically designed not to interfere with the colour balance of the LED light. A cover with camera slit is included which allows you get rid of unwanted reflections. The plastic outer cap of the bulb diffuses the light output and so does the material of the tent for two layers of diffusion. For more detailed information about the bulbs click here

Features & Specifications

  • Continuous E27 Single Light Sockets.
  • 3 Pin UK Plugs with Fuses.
  • 3 x 50w LED Daylight Bulb 5400k - 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • 3 x 2m Adjustable Aluminium Light Stands
  • 3 x Aluminium Light Reflector Lampshade (Diameter 26cm – Depth 18.5cm)
  • Gross Weight: Approx 6.1kg
  • 60cm Light tent with 4 x Background Cloths with Velcro corners to stick onto Light Tent (black/red/blue/white)


  • 3 x 2m light stand
  • 3 x Continuous Single Light with E27 Bulb Socket
  • 3 x 26cm diameter Reflector Lampshade
  • 3 x 50w LED 5400k Bulb
  • 60cm Light tent


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