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22x90cm Strip Softbox | Elinchrom Fit

The PhotoGeeks 22x90cm Stripbox has an Elinchrom adapter mount, two layers of diffusion and an attachable honeycomb grid for excellent control over the light spill on your photo shoots.

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22x90cm Softbox Stripbox & Grid

The Striplight or strip softbox comes with an Elinchrom adapter mount and a detachable Velcro grid. The large, long softbox gives you a wonderful accessory for fashion and portrait photography as it gives you tight control over the spill from your light source, the added grid will allow you to have even greater control, stopping light from escaping out to the sides or onto your background. 

The strip box has two layers of diffusion that can be removed for a more specular floodlight affect and can be rotated around the flash head giving you even more advanced control over the light spill from your flash.

The long specialist shape of the stripbox is brilliant for highlighting specific areas, they create less wrap around affect, giving you control over lighting and separation, allowing you to use multiple softboxes and experiment with different lighting angles and effects.




  • Silver Reflective Surface
  • Two Layers of Diffusion & Honeycomb Grid for Light Spill Control
  • Durable Aluminium Construction
  • Elinchrom adapter
  • Diameter 22x90cm
  • Simple Rod Design and Carry Bag






      • 1 x 22x90cm Stripbox, Grid & Mounting Speed Ring

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